# Demo Website
If you want to see what JFFNMS looks like, you can see the demonstration site at
[]( The user-name and password is both “admin” (with no quotes).

# Screenshots

## Hosts and Events
This is a common page for operators to sit on. It is showing the status of the hosts in the top pane. This status is actually the aggregated status of the interfaces for the host. The bottom pane is all events JFFNMS knows about. These events could be filtered by map (collection of hosts), hosts, interfaces or many other attributes.

Performance graph and Events

## Performance Graph and Events
The top pane shows a typical graph you might see for an interface while the bottom pane is the events for this interface. This window is accessed by clicking on an interface in one of the maps showing the statistics and status of the interface on the one screen.

Multiple Graphs

Screenshot: Performance and Events 2

## Mini-Graphs
Maps can not only show the status of a set of interfaces or hosts. They can also show mini-graphs of all interfaces within a host or map. The lower pane contains all relevant events for the set of interfaces graphed in the top pane.

Peformance Graphs

## Performance Graphs
On a single widow, multiple graphs can be displayed. Multiple interfaces can be selected and even the type of interfaces can be chosen.

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