JFFNMS 0.9.1 Released

The Network Managent System JFFNMS has been updated to version 0.9.1. This version is a bugfix release only with no new added features. If you are running version 0.9.0 it is strongly recommended to upgrade to 0.9.1

Version 0.9 is planned to be a maintenance only stream which will have some minor feature enhancements but mainly bugfixes. The idea behind this is to shakeout any bugs that may of appeared due to the major re-work between 0.8.5 and 0.9.0

JFFNMS 0.9.0 Released

After 3 release candidates JFFNMS is now at version 0.9.0. Both the web frontend and backend (engines) have had extensive re-work done to them to cleanup and tighten up the code. There should be a lot less warnings and errors from PHP when you set to a higher error level.

  • Fixed error in syslog consolidator which fails for postgresql
  • All webpage input passes through Sanitizer
  • register_globals no longer needs to be turned on, so turn it off!
  • rrdtool v1.0 support dropped
  • lots of cleanup
  • poller rewritten with parent/child code
  • autodiscovery the same as poller
  • Removed php rrd module support
  • Interface auto-discovery will check sysobjid before trying discovery
  • IPv6 reachability support
  • Separated interface selector code
  • SNMP interfaces can have High Speed and optinally no Cisco proxy ping

Version 0.9.0 updated to RC2

There is a new release candidate version RC2 now available. It fixes the setup page problems that some people have seen and also the DHTML maps wrap the interfaces near the width of the screen.

There are no database changes between RC1 and RC2 and you can find it at

Version 0.9.0 at RC1

The next version of JFFNMS is nearing completion and is now at Release Candidate 1. Version 0.9.0 has a major amount of work in cleaning up and securing the code.

The majority of the work has been in the complete re-write of the engines that do the polling, autodiscovery and consolidation. The parent/child communication has changed as has the way the processes are forked.

On the front-end, the requirement to register globals has finally been removed, with the code explicitly specifying and sanitising the variables it requires. This will make it easier to debug problems and make the application webservers more secure.

Finally there is better support for High Capacity interface counters and some support for IPv6, meaning you can see how slow ipv6.google.com is from your place.

JFFNMS 0.9.0rc1 is available from SourceForge at

JFFNMS 0.8.4 Released

After a long wait, JFFNMS version 0.8.4 has been released. From the changelog there is the following improvements:

* tcp_status poller only returns ascii data
* Config script redirects to https url if called that way
* Added security patches as per Debian security patch 20_security
* Above Closes SF:1725069
* blentz patch for Dell OpenManage Fans and Tempeature added SF:1633506
* Removed non-free font and change code to handle no font present
* Started on logfile reading
* UPS poller now can work with Mitsubishi Diamondlink devices
* APC PDU support – this and above patch from falz
* Added support for IBM Blades, IBM Servers, IBM DS4XXX controllers,
generic Fibre Channel – All from David Lima
* Informant-Advanced logical disk support added – From Sebastian van Dijk
* Network UPS Tool support added
* import_custom.php fixed for multiple fields in same table
* Host MIB Apps can be case-insensitive checking

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