Version 0.9.0 at RC1

The next version of JFFNMS is nearing completion and is now at Release Candidate 1. Version 0.9.0 has a major amount of work in cleaning up and securing the code.

The majority of the work has been in the complete re-write of the engines that do the polling, autodiscovery and consolidation. The parent/child communication has changed as has the way the processes are forked.

On the front-end, the requirement to register globals has finally been removed, with the code explicitly specifying and sanitising the variables it requires. This will make it easier to debug problems and make the application webservers more secure.

Finally there is better support for High Capacity interface counters and some support for IPv6, meaning you can see how slow is from your place.

JFFNMS 0.9.0rc1 is available from SourceForge at

2 thoughts on “Version 0.9.0 at RC1”

  1. As I’m experiencing a lot of problems with version 0.8.5, I’ve tried with this new version from a fresh install. I’ve got surprised because just the login page is shown. Once logged (admin/admin) just a white page appears.

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