JFFNMS 0.8.5 Released

JFFNMS version 0.8.5 has now been released. This is a bug fix release but has the missing database exports that were missing from 0.8.4.

6 thoughts on “JFFNMS 0.8.5 Released”

    1. I have messed up the download link but that’s now fixed. One of the nice things about opensource software is that you can “try before you buy”. Well, you don’t even buy in this case. So try JFFNMS, its available (now) from the link on the Downloads Page.

  1. I’m an old JFFNMS user. Some years ago I installed on a really old box running RH6 without problems. Now I’m trying to install 0.8.5 and I’m experiencing a lot of problems.
    For example, I can’t get traffic figures. I’ve checked all that I know about without any issue but I’m still unable to have this information.
    And another issue is the shown version. I’ve downloaded 0.8.5 but on admin page I see 0.8.4. Crazy.

    Any comment about?

        1. I’m sorry Craig. I done changes you suggested me and traffic figures for switches started to appear. But same figures for other devices (servers and workstations) still experience the same behavior?

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