JFFNMS 0.8.4 Released

After a long wait, JFFNMS version 0.8.4 has been released. From the changelog there is the following improvements:

* tcp_status poller only returns ascii data
* Config script redirects to https url if called that way
* Added security patches as per Debian security patch 20_security
* Above Closes SF:1725069
* blentz patch for Dell OpenManage Fans and Tempeature added SF:1633506
* Removed non-free font and change code to handle no font present
* Started on logfile reading
* UPS poller now can work with Mitsubishi Diamondlink devices
* APC PDU support – this and above patch from falz
* Added support for IBM Blades, IBM Servers, IBM DS4XXX controllers,
generic Fibre Channel – All from David Lima
* Informant-Advanced logical disk support added – From Sebastian van Dijk
* Network UPS Tool support added
* import_custom.php fixed for multiple fields in same table
* Host MIB Apps can be case-insensitive checking